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    Our mission has been simple, build a network of enduring and supportive relationships among the Irish/Texan Business and Educational Communities.
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    The Ireland/Texas Business and Education Association is designed to be the focal point and information source for our members at home and abroad.

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Why Texas?

Why now is the time and Texas the place?

• No State Tax.
• Voted No 1 State to set up a Business in US for the past 8 years.
• Has one of the Youngest Populations in the US.
• 52 Fortune Companies of the 500 Companies are in Texas.
• Highest Concentration of IT Companies in US after California.
• Texas Population Predicated to double within 20 years, almost double the National Average.
• Dallas ranked 48 out of 50 the Most Affordable Cities to live in the US
• 7th Largest Economy in The World
• Since 2007 Texas has created more than 538,000 jobs. That's 55% of all the new jobs created in the US.
• Gas Reserves for 300 years.
• Largest Producer of Wind Energy in the US.
• Pro-Business State Government: 98% of State Legislators are full-time Business People. Compare to 20% in California.
• Oil Reserves for 100 years.
• Out of the 25 cities ranked since 2009 for Jobs, Growth, Wage Increases, IT Companies set up. 7 of them were in Texas.
• Texas Economy is now one of only 3 Regions in the US that all Economic Indicators are Higher than when the Recession hit in 2008.
• Well-Regulated Banking Laws in the State. Less than 40% of the National Average of Foreclosures during the Recessions

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